Tryska Protoprint Durablack 0.8 mm pro E3D

31,82 EUR incl. VAT

Product code: P00091

Excellent and precise nozzle with 0.8 mm diameter and M6 thread, ideal for printing 1.75 mm wide filament.

The nozzle is a key component of the print head (extruder) that determines the level of detail in your print. By using smaller diameter nozzles, you will achieve finer prints, but at the same time increase the overall print time. The most commonly used diameter is 0.4 mm.

PROTOPRINT nozzles are based on the classic concept, but have been greatly improved. They are carefully manufactured in the Czech Republic from durable copper alloy, which is then treated with special surface treatments to achieve maximum quality.

After production, the copper nozzles are thoroughly inspected and subjected to an industrial nickel bath to ensure the pores of the material are sealed. Finally, a DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating is applied in a special inert environment to ensure excellent slip resistance, ease of maintenance and prolonged component life.

The entire manufacturing process takes place in the Czech Republic and each stage is carried out in separate production or industrial plants due to the complexity of the processes and coating applications. The result is first class quality.