Spectrum r-PETG Yellow Orange

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Product code: P00097 Weight: 1 kg

The fibre is created by reusing recycled extrusion residue. The raw materials are collected, crushed, re-mixed and homogenised into a high quality recycled PETG filament that is easy to print and has a lower environmental impact. Spectrum rPETG retains the properties of conventional PETG, which means an easy and efficient printing experience, coupled with minimal shrinkage and relatively high tensile strength. For more sustainable 3D printing, Spectrum r-PETG is wound on an environmentally friendly cardboard spool.


Nozzle temperature: 230-255°C (230-255°F).
Pad temperature: 60-80°C
Recommended print speed: 30-70 mm/s
Cooling: up to 100%.

Colors Yellow
BambuLab AMS Yes
Weight 1000g
Country of origin European Union
String diameter 1,75mm