Spectrum PCTG CF10 Carbon Black

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Remarkable product enriched with carbon fibres

PCTG is a copolyester that is gaining increasing popularity among users of 3D printing technology. In terms of properties, it is often compared to PETG, which is well known to every printer (in the sense of a maker, creator, person using a 3D printer). However, it t is worth noting that PCTG has a significantly higher impact strength compared to its big brother. PCTG's high elasticity combined with high layer cohesiveness, high viscosity and negligible shrinkage make it a perfect polymer for composite materials.

The first of the PCTG-based composites we developed was a carbon fibre version - PCTG CF10. The carbon fibres used give the filament an extremely high stiffness, while reducing the brittle fracture typical for other PETG-based carbon composites. PCTG CF10 filament allows the printing of parts with increased hardness and tensile strength compared to classic PCTG. The use of carbon fibres increases the thermal resistance of the filament, further reduces shrinkage and gives the characteristic "carbon" matt appearance to the printed models.

With Spectrum PCTG CF filament, 3D printing is becoming an even more viable alternative to conventional plastic processing, enabling the production of durable and long-lasting everyday objects, regardless of size.

Key features:

  • heat deflection temperature HDT - 76°C
  • high stiffness and tensile strength
  • good impact resistance
  • chemical resistance
  • high dimensional accuracy of the printed elements
  • carbon, matt printed surface
  • can be subject to material removal processes


  • visual and functional prototyping
  • goodness of fit tests
  • conceptual models
  • manufacture of housings and covers
  • manufacture of parts subject to abrasive wear
  • manufacturing tools and equipment
Colors Black
BambuLab AMS Yes
Weight 1000g
Country of origin European Union
String diameter 1,75mm