Polymaker PolyLite ASA Black

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Product code: P00034 Weight: 1 kg

PolyLite™ ASA is an alternative to ABS with increased weather resistance. Its UV resistance and excellent mechanical properties make it an ideal choice for real-world applications.

What is the difference between ASA and ABS?
ASA is almost exactly the same as ABS with 1 major and 1 minor difference:
The main difference is that ASA is extremely weather resistant (UV resistance and environmental cracking).
A minor difference is that ASA prints with a nicer matte finish slightly obscuring the layer lines.

Printing and drying setup?
Print temperature: 240˚C - 260˚C
Pad temperature: 75˚C - 95˚C
Print speed: 30 mm/s - 50 mm/s
Fan: OFF

Drying setting: 70˚C for 6 hours
(Only if the material has absorbed moisture)

Does PolyLite™ ASA require a closed 3D printer?
Yes and no, you can check out the reviews below for more information, but as a rule of thumb, the larger your print (bigger than the size of your fist), the more enclosure will be required for dimensional stability.

1kg cardboard spool:
55±1mm coil inner hole diameter.
Coil diameter: 200±1mm
Coil width: 65.6±2mm
Coil weight: 140±7g

Colors Black
BambuLab AMS Yes
Weight 1000g
Country of origin China
String diameter 1,75mm