Nebula PLA 607 Black

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PLA 609HD combines the ease of printing characteristic of PLA with mechanical properties that are close to ABS. This monofilament is designed for printing technical parts that require higher mechanical durability. Its increased heat resistance makes it ideal for the production of demanding and functional components.

Key features
Easy to print: PLA 609HD is as easy to print as standard PLA, but offers significantly higher temperature resistance.
Mechanical strength: This material achieves strength comparable to ABS and is therefore suitable for technical applications.
Improved layer adhesion.
Shrinkage reduction.
Safe for printing: Unlike ABS, PLA 609HD produces no toxic fumes when printed, making it suitable for use in environments without special ventilation.
Higher toughness: this material is classified as a "TOUGH" filament, which means it is significantly more resistant to impact and mechanical stress than conventional PLA.
Technical specifications
Nozzle temperature: 190-230 °C
Pad temperature: 60-80 °C

PLA 609HD is an ideal choice for users who need a combination of ease of printing and high mechanical durability, making it an excellent choice for producing technical and functional parts.

Colors Black
Weight 1000g
Country of origin European Union
String diameter 1,75mm
Temperature Nozzle °C 220 ± 10
Bed Temperature °C 35 – 60
Nozzle type (recommended) Hardened, Brass
Closed chamber Not required
s ± 0,05 mm