Nebula PLA 607 Black

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PLA 607 - Innovative Approach to Printing

One material with many possibilities. PLA 607 is a thermoplastic PLA that opens the door to a wide range of applications thanks to its unique properties.

Standard PLA printing offers excellent print quality that is maintained even after the traditional printing process.

Alternatively, you can use heat treatment to produce high rigidity and improved hardness items from PLA 607, complete with a satin finish. This process allows you to achieve mechanical properties comparable to ABS while retaining the benefits of standard PLA. PLA 607 achieves thermal stability up to 140 °C after heat treatment.

Heat treatment process:
1. Place the finished print in a cold oven (ideally on a surface with low thermal conductivity).
2. Turn on the hot air oven and set the temperature to 80 °C.
3. Heat the print in the oven for 10 to 25 minutes depending on the wall thickness of the item.
4. When the time is up, remove the print from the oven without touching it.
5. When cooled, you will obtain a print with ABS-like properties.

PLA is one of the most commonly used materials for 3D printing. Another material often used in this area is ABS, but it has higher printing requirements than PLA. PLA is an ideal material for beginners due to its easy printability. It has a low thermal expansion, allowing large parts to be printed without the need for a heated chamber or pad. PLA also has the significant advantage of being fully biodegradable, as it is made from renewable resources such as corn or potato starch. PLA is also often used as a support material in 3D printers with multiple extruders.

Main features:
- Easy to set up for printing
- Low shrinkage on cooling - no need for a heated pad or chamber
- High quality prints even at high print speeds
- Soluble in sodium hydroxide
- 100% recyclable and biodegradable material

Low mechanical stress models up to 60°C, toys, models, sculptures, decorations.

Colors Black
Weight 1000g
Country of origin European Union
String diameter 1,75mm
Temperature Nozzle °C 220 ± 10
Bed Temperature °C 35 – 60
Nozzle type (recommended) Hardened, Brass
Closed chamber Not required
s ± 0,05 mm