Nebula PETG Carbon Black

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1 kg


The mechanical properties of PET thermoplastic combine high strength with flexibility, making it ideal for printing mechanically stressed parts that require long-term durability. This durability is ensured by PET's excellent physicochemical properties, including its broad temperature resistance and resistance to chemicals such as solvents and weak acid and base solutions. Due to its low thermal expansion, PET can be printed on printers without a heated chamber or pad.

Main features:

More flexible and stronger than PLA and ABS
High impact resistance and long life, suitable for mechanically stressed parts
Higher temperature and heat resistance than PLA and ABS
Good grindability
Resistant to solvents and weak acid and alkali solutions
Health-safe material
Low shrinkage on cooling, no need for a heated pad or chamber (provided the pad is coated with an adhesive, e.g. KORES)
100% recyclable

Mechanically stressed parts such as gears, RC model parts, spare parts
Shaped food and beverage containers
Chemical sample containers

Colors Black
Weight 1000g
Country of origin European Union
String diameter 1,75mm
Temperature Nozzle °C 230 ± 10
Bed Temperature °C 60 - 90
Nozzle type (recommended) Hardened, Brass
Closed chamber Not required
s ± 0,05 mm