Nebula GLASS Natural

20,10 EUR incl. VAT

Product code: P00350 Weight: 1 kg

Styrene butadiene copolymer characterized by excellent transparency, high gloss,

low shrinkage and high impact resistance. The material has properties similar to ABS and

PET-G. Moreover, using limonene you can obtain glassy and shiny surface. After Glass 807

chemical smoothing process, you will create object without visible printing layers and

excellent transparency.

Chemical smoothing process:

1. Immerse the finished printout in a limonene container for 2-3 seconds.

2. The process shall be repeated few times till the desired effect is obtained. The number

of immersions depends on the thickness of the print walls.

3. After finishing limonene treatment, leave the print to dry in a well ventilated room.

Filament Properties:

• Printing temperature: 215-230°C

• Heatbed temperature: 70-80°C

• Excellent gloss

• Excellent transparency

• High rigidity

• Low contraction

• High impact strength

Weight 1000g
Country of origin European Union
String diameter 1,75mm