Nebula ASA Black

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ASA is a very strong and tough material that resists weathering and UV rays. These properties make it ideal for printing functional models for outdoor use. The printing properties and 3D printing quality are comparable to ABS material, making ASA suitable for demanding applications. Resistance to aging and degradation is up to 10 times higher in ASA material than in ABS. Models made from ASA are also very resistant to high temperatures, up to 105°C.

The disadvantage of ASA, like ABS, is its high thermal expansion, which can cause deformation as the model cools. For larger models it is therefore recommended to print in a closed print area.

Colors Black
Weight 1000g
Country of origin European Union
String diameter 1,75mm
Temperature Nozzle °C 250-265
Bed Temperature °C 90-100
Nozzle type (recommended) Hardened
Closed chamber It's recommended
s ± 0,05 mm