Jamg He Water Washable Resin White

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Jamg He

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The highest resolution and superior performance resin among LCD resins, easy to clean with water, bringing greater safety.

Water washable resin COMPATIBLE WITH 2k, 4k, 6k, 8k 3D printers Water washable resin is also a 405nm light sensitive resin that can be used in 385nm DLP technology 3D printers and all 3D printers with open resin system.

EASY TO CLEAN The water washable resin is ideal for home, office or school use, especially for individuals sensitive to odors and allergic to resins, as it is easy to clean and allows for easy custom color mixing without the need to change settings or print speed.

Wide range of applications Water washable resin is also popular in orthodontic laboratories where cleaning with water saves time and contributes to efficient production.

Low viscosity With a low viscosity in the range of 70 to 175 mPa-s, it achieves high print success rates in large format 3D printers and also works well in 3D printers with top-down resin layering.

Colors White
Country of origin China
Resin Yes