Jamg He Standard Resin Grey

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Jamg He

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The Standard Plus 10K resin set is a general purpose resin with strong properties and a high hardness of 88D. It is a great choice for miniature builders, garage kits and similar hobbyists. It is also ideal for dental laboratories for making orthodontic models.

Wide applicability This is the best resin for low cost 3D printing, providing great detail and a smooth surface. With this resin, it is possible to successfully print on a full platform to produce miniature or dental models.

Low Odor Unlike other 3D resins, this resin does not contain solvents, which means it produces an acceptable and gentler odor when used.

Wide range of colours This standard resin is available in a variety of colours with the highest quality. It is also the most economical compared to other 8K resins. Plus, it allows for fast printing without the need to change the settings on your 3D printer.

Colors Šedá
Country of origin China
Resin Yes