Gembird PETG White

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Plastic filament for 3D printing that lets you create practical and fun products. This material is characterized by great properties and therefore your 3D creations will always be durable and stable.

Gembird printing strings are designed to prevent your 3D printer from jamming. As soon as the filament enters the heating circuit, a steady melting of the material occurs smoothly and immediately, resulting in an extremely smooth extrusion of the filament. No more clogged nozzles.

PETG material is very similar to the PET material from which most PET bottles are made. It is a strong and tough material that has great thermal stability. Its low shrinkage during printing makes it suitable for printing larger objects. PETG has mechanical and thermal properties superior to ABS while maintaining the printing quality of PLA.

Unlike some filaments on the market, Gembird printing strings do not release hazardous odors, ensuring safe and clean printing operation. In addition, they are completely biodegradable, minimizing the impact on our environment.

High strength and strong 3D printing filament
Low density: when printing larger volumes, the model is lighter
Can be applied to different types of 3D printers

Specifications Material: PETG, 1.75mm diameter Weight: 1kg/coil (2.2lbs) Density at 240°C: 1.27g/cm3 Melt flow index at g/10min 200°C/5kg: 20 Melting point: 220 to 260°C Thermal tolerance - temperature: 75°C Coil dimensions: 200mm diameter x 67mm height x 53mm central hole

Colors White
BambuLab AMS Yes
Weight 1000g
Country of origin China
String diameter 1,75mm