E3D V6 Titan Heatbreak

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This high quality titanium heatbreak is an upgrade to the standard stainless steel that comes with the E3D V6 hotends. Since the V5 version, the manufacturing processes of all E3D heatbreaks have been redesigned to achieve a higher quality internal surface than ever before. The improved internal surface finish helps to reduce extrusion force and increase retraction reliability. These heatbreaks offer long-term reliable performance at high temperatures, but are more sensitive due to their fine construction.

This special heatbreak is made of grade 5 titanium, which provides superior strength and lower thermal conductivity than stainless steel, keeping the hotend side cooler. This allows for a more precise melting zone on the hot side and better extrusion control. The increased strength of these heatbreaks reduces the likelihood of breakage during installation or accidental contact with the printed part or print pad.