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Dimafix aims to facilitate and optimize the 3D printing process. Thanks to Dimafix's innovative technology, the first layers of the print easily adhere to the heated bed at a precisely defined location, eliminating unwanted effects and deformations. Once printing is complete and the bed temperature drops below 50°C, the model can be easily removed without the use of tools that could damage the part or the print surface.

Key features of Dimafix include excellent adhesion between plastic and glass, ensuring trouble-free printing even on large ABS parts. This adhesive property is activated at heated bed temperatures above 50°C, up to 40-50°C, when the adhesive effect disappears and the model can be easily separated. Dimafix is water soluble, ensuring easy cleanliness, and with a spray capacity of 400ml in a spray pack with internal ball, it is distributed for long life and accurate application to the print area only.

DimaFix provides maximum ABS adhesion to common printing surfaces, heat treated or borosilicate glass. The optimum temperature is selected according to the specific print type and parts, allowing easy, worry-free ABS printing.

Dimafix's behavior with ABS includes four operating temperature zones, where each zone represents specific adhesion at different print bed temperatures. For example, Zone 4 (95-120°C) offers maximum adhesion, ideal for printing any size and geometry. Zone 3 (temperature 75-95 °C) provides high adhesion, suitable for various geometries up to 200 × 200 mm. Zone 2 (temperature 65-75°C) is a medium adhesion zone, suitable for simple pieces without sharp edges. This variability allows the user to achieve optimum ABS printing results with minimal risk of deformation.

Country of origin European Union