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Creality 3D printer with LCD UV curing resin - black 500 g for LCD 3D printing

✔️ Fast cure: Creality curing resin is specifically designed for LCD 3D printers using a 405nm wavelength light source, allowing for accelerated curing in 2-3 seconds per layer on most Creality Resin printers.

✔️ High durability and shatterproof: Creality's curable resin is also designed with high durability to provide printed objects with greater strength when handled. Reduced risk of breakage of small elements on the print is one of the key features.

✔️ Light odor: Unlike other resins with intense odors, Creality's curing resin minimizes unpleasant odors during printing.

✔️ Superior quality and precise detail: Creality Curable resin excels in its fast cure and high durability, while maintaining optimal hardness for presenting high quality resolution on printed parts. Using this hardwearing resin with a smooth surface for easy coating allows even the smallest details to be captured.

✔️ Creality's Standard Resin is a highly adaptable UV curable 3D printing resin, ideal for monochrome/colour screen printing. It is also suitable for mass production of various products such as garage models, educational tools, toy designs, handmade creations, industrial parts and much more.

Colors White
Country of origin China