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The BTT SKR Pico V1.0 is a specially designed motherboard for the VORON V0 printer from the 3D printing team at Shenzhen Big Tree Technology Co., Ltd.

Key features include:

Brand new version for Voron V0 and V0.1. Bigtreetech SKR Pico V1.0 features Raspberry Pi ARM Cortex-Mo+ MCU PR2040 with improved ID design, combining stylish appearance and excellent performance, making it an ideal choice for Voron users.
The fuse kit includes a fuse and bracket allowing for easy removal and installation. The Type C interface allows for master control communication.
Perfectly compatible with Raspberry Pi. Thanks to the Raspberry Pi board frame, the Raspberry Pi can be seamlessly installed on the BTT SKR Pico V1.0, saving internal space. The unique design of the SKR Pico perfectly matches the space characteristics of the Voron V0 and V0.1 machines, which need to be mounted longitudinally to the motherboard.
Quiet printing and premium capacitors. SKR PICO V1.0 with TMC2209 UART driver mode supports silent 3D printing. The main chip capacitor (MLCC) version uses high quality Murata capacitors to improve the overall product quality.
Improved cooling system. The heat sink design has been improved and the heat dissipation area has been increased. The increased controllable fan allows the temperature of the entire machine to be reduced during operation, effectively solving heat dissipation problems and greatly improving heat dissipation.