BIGTREETECH Octopus Pro F446

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The BIGTREETECH Octopus Pro is a powerful motherboard with support for up to 8 stepper drivers, allowing control of up to 8 different axes. This feature is ideal for complex tasks such as multi-color printing and the use of different tools such as 3D print heads, laser engraving or laser cutting. The board is fully compatible with Klipper, RepRap and Marlin, and supports Raspberry Pi and Octoprint.

The BIGTREETECH Octopus Pro is available in three variants that differ in processor power and flash memory size:

Octopus Pro F446 (180 MHz ARM-Cortex-M4 CPU and 512 KB flash memory).

The board provides 8 powerful stepper drivers to ensure stable operation. The integrated MAX31865 NTC100K chip is suitable for NTC100K and PT100/PT1000 high temperature thermistors. The stepper driver interface includes SPI, UART and STEP/DIR. The BIGTREETECH Octopus Pro also supports various screen types, fan connections, dual Z-axis, heater footers and other extensions.