BIGTREETECH Manta M8P Mainboard

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The Manta M8P from BIGTREETECH is a modern 32-bit motherboard that provides a wide range of features and offers diverse upgrade options thanks to the many available interfaces. This board is compatible with Klipper, Raspberry and Marlin open source software and in conjunction with the CB1 is ideal for use with Voron 2.4 and VzBoT printers.

Main features:

32-bit ARM® Cortex-M0+ STM32G0B1VET6 processor with 64 MHz speed - for greater stability and performance.
BTB connectivity for all CM4 versions
5A TPS5450-5A power chip for Raspberry Pi
Possibility to use three different voltages for the fan connectors (5V, 12V and 24V)
Powerful MOSFET for better heat dissipation
Board-to-board connectors allow easy interfacing with other devices

This motherboard has the same connector as the Raspberry Pi, allowing easy compatibility with all versions of the Raspberry Pi CM4 and CB1. For a more solid mounting of the add-on board to the Manta M8P, screws can be used, but are not included.

Other interesting features include an integrated HDMI port, a mechanical sensor for detecting filament depletion, a BLTouch auto-leveling sensor, an auto shutdown mode for power saving, the ability to connect an RGB light bar, SPI touchscreen support, and a DSI Display Port for capturing 3D prints on video. Compatible stepper driver interfaces include SPI, UART and STEP/DIR.