Bambu Lab adhesive glue stick

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Product description - Bambu Lab Liquid Glue

Bambu Lab Liquid Glue is ideal for use on Cool Plate, High Temperature plates and textured PEI surfaces. When applying this adhesive, you can be sure that the adhesion between the print model and the substrate will remain consistent, minimizing the risk of the print coming off or warping.

Key Features

Exceptional adhesion: the Bambu Lab liquid adhesive ensures that models adhere firmly to the printing surface, preventing print failure. Once printing is complete, prints can be easily removed, simplifying the job and reducing the risk of damaging models.

Easy to clean: This adhesive can be easily removed from both the printing surface and the models themselves. Compared to traditional adhesive sticks, it leaves less residue and makes it easier to maintain the print pad and finished prints.

Easy to apply: thanks to its liquid consistency, Bambu Lab Adhesive applies evenly and effortlessly to the print pad, ensuring a uniform layer of adhesion.

The adhesive is formulated with the environment in mind and is safe for human health. In addition, it has a lower odor compared to other types of adhesives, contributing to a more comfortable and pleasant working environment.

This product is a great solution for anyone looking for a reliable way to keep their 3D printing models in place during printing, while making it easier to remove them when finished.

Country of origin China