Anycubic Water-Wash UV Resin Black

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1 kg


Anycubic UV water washable resin (resin) with wavelength 365 to 405 nm, 1 kg, for printing in DLP/LCD/SLA compatible printers.

Water washable is a standard resin for easy printing. The main advantage is the possibility to rinse the print with water or a weak alcohol solution (15% isopropyl alcohol).

Professional resin for LCD SLA printers: Anycubic UV Resin offers excellent stability, fluidity and superior curing speed, ensuring more accurate and efficient printing. The wavelength required for curing on an LCD SLA printer is 405 nm.

Stunning Stability: Anycubic UV Resin not only ensures high adhesion of the model during printing, but also allows for easy removal after 3D modeling is complete. Due to its composition, Anycubic resin is much more stable even in different climatic conditions and its properties overcome the shortcomings of other printing resins.

Excellent flowability: thanks to its excellent flowability and fast curing, the resin can easily penetrate models and quickly shape them as needed. The use of Anycubic UV Resin improves print accuracy and quality and makes cleaning the 3D printer easier.

Optimal stiffness and color: Optimal resin stiffness minimizes model fragmentation and deformation during printing. The result is precisely shaped models with excellent detail and a smooth surface. The resin also has a bright and clear color that gives your 3D models a stunning appearance.

Colors Black
Country of origin China
Resin Yes