3DPower ABS Blue

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3DPower ABS - durable and reliable professional!

3DPower ABS filament is the ideal combination of high-quality and attractively priced ABS filament. It excels in high hardness, impact toughness and a wide range of applications. It is one of the most commonly used materials for 3D printing, which is used to produce durable parts that should withstand even higher temperatures (up to 90°C).

Parts printed with 3DPower 3D printers from ABS filament tend to be more flexible and less "brittle" than parts made from PLA filament. Parts printed in ABS can be treated with acetone vapor to remove the visibility of the layers and give a glossy, smooth appearance.

Our filaments can be used for most 3D printers with FDM technology. 3DPower ABS is an excellent material for functional prototyping and the production of complex end-use parts.

Why 3DPower Basic ABS filament?

Glossy print finish
High hardness and impact toughness
Good mechanical properties
Can be post-processed
Scratch resistance

Filament technical parameters:

Diameter: 1.75 mm
Dimensional tolerance: ± 0.03 mm
Density: 1.07 g/cm³
Net weight: 1 kg
Gross weight: 1.4 kg

Coil dimensions:

Outer diameter: 200 mm
Mounting hole diameter: 52 mm
Width: 68 mm

Recommended printing parameters:

Extrusion temperature: 235-260°C
table temperature: 80-100 °C
cooling: 10-35%
print speed: 30-90 mm/s

To ensure sufficient adhesion between layers and reduce shrinkage, it is recommended to use a closed working chamber. In case of adhesion problems with the first layer, we recommend using an adhesive such as Dimafix or 3DLac.

3DPower ABS filament can be printed on Anet, AnyCubic, CraftBot, Creality, Flashforge, Kodak, MakerBot, Modix, Monoprice, Prusa, Raise3D, RatRig, ZMorph, Voron, Vshaper, among many others.

Colors Blue
BambuLab AMS Yes
Weight 1000g
Country of origin European Union
String diameter 1,75mm